Services Provided

Services provided:

1.◦Help with depression, anxiety, memory problems and mental health concerns

2.◦Child & Adolescent Behavior Problems

3◦Academic Underachievement & Self-Esteem

4◦Peer and Sibling Conflicts

5◦Emotional Adjustments to Divorce

6.◦Mediation of family conflicts

7.◦Help for you in managing your multiple roles of caring for an aging parent, as well as your own family.

8.◦Choices in options for in-home support

9.◦Assistance in determining the extent of care needed by your loved one

10.◦Help with family disputes concerning end of life

11.◦Direct intervention with elders who are losing competency,but resist giving up independence

12.◦Strategies with keeping elders safe at home

13.◦Sibling conflict resolution in care decisions

14.◦Competency evaluation & Psychological Testing

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