What Patients Say About Dr. Davis

Dear Dr. Davis-
You have been on my mind a lot lately. Here is why, when our son, Bobby, was in second grade, it was suggested to us by the teaching staff and then principal¬† to seek help for his “behavioral” issues. I brought Bobby to you in tears not knowing what we were doing wrong. After working with him for 9 months, you sat me down and told me that he was much more mature than other’s his age. That one day when he turned 18 he would be a fantastic adult. Well, time certainly does fly. He turned 18 on December 23rd and YOU would be very proud of him as we are. He is currently a senior in High School, was crowned a Home Coming Prince, has just started his first job and pulled himself together very well. He has been a camp counselor several times, is an officer for two youth groups and the list goes on. I recently was speaking with a parent that is new to his school and mentioned your name as her son is having difficulties. It brought back many emotions. I felt her pain as a parent. So, a BIG thank you for all you have done and continue to do for others. I hope you are well. Regards,

Dear Dr. Davis……..

My follies were what they were. But seems I’m moving beyond them. To me, that’s as big a marker as anything. Victims are prisoners of their past. With your help, feel I’ve not only dealt with the past successfully but am transcending it. There’s no possible way I could do that on my own.

So thanks. You’re a true helper and real pro.